Tuesday at Seabay

Tuesday at SeaBay
Tuesday at SeaBay

After arriving home in darkness last night, and then falling asleep on the couch for a couple of hours and thus missing all the interesting bits of Q&A, Tuesday was a much better day.

I feel like I got a lot more done at work today than I did yesterday, and there was a bright light at the end of the day: an after work catch-up for dinner and drinks with my friend Kate.

Kate is going back to China tomorrow, and so it was a bit of a farewell in some ways, along with a friend of hers who is travelling there also (he has been living in China for over twenty years), and some of his friends.

After a few drinks at The Art House Hotel on Pitt Street which was very pleasant, we had dinner at the nearby SeaBay Chinese Dumpling Restaurant on Pitt Street. Well, when I say nearby, I mean a potentially five minute walk down the road which turned into an actual ten minute walk after those after-work drinks :)

It’s only the third or fourth time I’ve been there, but I remembered it from previous times with fondness, and so when the suggestion of something cheap and chearful and nearby for dinner was raised, I suggested it.

“You would never go there for the decor or the lightning. It’s alarmingly bright. But at least you can see what you’re eating and you know, because it’s so busy, that the food is always going to be fresh”, I told Kate as we walked along. And so it was.

And for just twenty dollars per head for a large amount of food, you could do worse.

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