Darlinghurst History Walk

I spent the early part of the day teaching at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. As part of the lecture I gave, I repeated the mantra, “there are no boring stories, only boring story-tellers” which I’ve heard many times from radio consultant, Valerie Geller. She’s absolutely right. Just about any story can be interesting, so long as there’s someone interesting to tell the story.

And thankfully, the second part of the day was a combination of both: interesting stories and an interesting story-teller. As part of History Week, I participated in a Walking Tour of the Darlinghurst area conducted by History Council President Mark Dunn. I went on one of these history week tours last year and enjoyed it very much.

This year’s walk had more of a focus on the food and wine of the Darlinghurst area, as we visited the locations of former sly-grog shops, the sites of former butchers, and the sites of former pasta and pie factories to name but a few. We also took in some of the Razor Gang sites which are generating a lot of interest now, thanks to the Underbelly series on television right now.

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  1. I highly recommend the free walking tours of Sydney! I learned so many interesting facts both not mentioned in guide books and not known by Sydneysiders! I think you’d find it highly interesting. Great site and interesting finally to find a Sydneysider for an interest in the history

    1. Agree with you about walking tours. They’re interesting, fun, and you get some exercise too! :) Have had a look at your site also, and you have some great stuff there which I found really interesting because I also live close-by. Cheers, James

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