Juanita Nielsen Walking Tour

“I never knew about the dossiers”, I told friends as we sat and enjoyed a beer at the iconic “Bourbon and Beefsteak” in Sydney’s Kings Cross last night.

We were chatting, relaxing and reflecting, having just been on a historical walking tour related to the 1975 death of 38-year old journalist, Juanita Nielsen. … Read the rest “Juanita Nielsen Walking Tour”

Lismore Flood Stories

Every year in my hometown (Lismore) there are at least one or two occasions when the Wilson’s River floods.

The earliest “big flood” I recall was in March 1974 (when I was aged eight). For close to a week, our house was surrounded by floodwater.

Flood Record 1974 in Lismore
Street signs around the town are a reminder of how bad things got back then.
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