Too much Sweden is never enough

Thanks to Facebook Group: I don't mind if the Swedes take over Australia.

There has been a proliferation of news about Sweden and Swedish-ness in the Australian newspapers lately, and I don’t mean just stories about Julian Assange. Of course, there are the regular stupid stories – the Swedes are so kooky stories – about studies from various universities, elks, Nazi connections to the Swedish Royal Family and so on, but there have also been some generally interesting stories about the influence of Swedish culture.

For example:

Roxette have sold 100,000 tickets for their forthcoming tour, and they had trouble getting a promoter in the first place.

Meanwhile, Anne Sofie von Otter is about to tour Australia for the first time.

Swedish cider brand Rekorderlig has launched a national campaign to boost its standing in the high-growth alcoholic beverage category, positioning itself as ‘Beautiful Swedish’.

IKEA seems to be doing quite well in Australia, with revenue up 5% and they’re opening now stores.

Sadly, no sign of H&M yet, though. And we’re still waiting for the Robyn tour!

I’m sure there have been other stories, but these are the ones I’ve spotted lately.

3 responses to “Too much Sweden is never enough”

  1. mscherrylane Avatar

    i agree with the title. And I encountered a scandinavian today :).swedish? not sure. damn i forgot my one novelty word-it’s that word that means “just right” when they are pouring a glass for you etc. tell me if you know what it is please!

  2. Victor Avatar

    The current IKEA advertisment screening at cinemas that looks a bit like a charge scene from Braveheart is unbelievably stupid and irritating.

  3. James O'Brien Avatar

    MsCherry – the word you’re looking for is lagom, I think. Everything in moderation.
    Victor – oh my goodness, I haven’t seen it. Will look forward to seeing it (or not) the next time I go to the movies.

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