Södermalm? Gamla Stan?

As I waited for a meeting today at work, I flicked through a copy of the current edition of the Sydney Morning Herald’s “Sydney” magazine. “Gosh that looks like Stockholm”, I thought to myself as I flipped the pages. And then, of course, saw the name of the shop and realised it probably was. Södermalm?


3 responses to “Södermalm? Gamla Stan?”

  1. gealach Avatar

    Looks more like Gamla stan, actually. My guess would be Prästgatan.

  2. Sandra in Sweden Avatar

    Yup, I’d say Gamla Stan too. Fun pic!

  3. James O'Brien Avatar

    Yes, you’re both absolutely right. I guess I was in a “Söder” kind of mood when I wrote the post. It was a lovely little Stockholm reminder as I went about my daily work :)

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