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One of the best things I’ve done this year is subscribe to the Edition Series of Sydney’s 4A Gallery. 4A is a gallery which specialises in Asian art, both art by artists from Asia, as well as artists from Australia with an Asian background. I’ve been to a far number of their exhibitions and they’re always usually very good. The works are interesting, and they’re presented well.

What has been great about the Edition Series is the random nature of it all. For a $500 annual contribution, I’ve received three random art works (with the fourth just about to arrive). I’ve had no say in the works, which has been a really appealing part of the project – the surprise element. There have been three limited editions prints, and one piece of porcelain. The works have all been very lovely, and I’m pretty confident they’re worth more than the $500 I’ve contributed. In fact, I know the Jason Wing screenprint has been selling at the price of $500 by itself.

And so it was a real pleasure to go to the 4A Members Exhibition with my friend Kate, and to see all four works on display. The other works were very interesting also, but I have a soft spot and fondness for the work of the artists I now have in my own collection.

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