You know it’s Christmas in a week and a day…

Magnus Carlsson from Youtube
Magnus Carlsson from Youtube

“Wrap myself in paper” by Magnus Carlsson has been my favourite “Christmas song” for the last few years. I discovered it at about the time I discovered the broader Magnus oeuvre and, although it’s camp and cheesy, I LOVE IT. The music is fun, the lyrics are playful, and Magnus sings it in just the right tone.

In case you’re wondering why I’m posting today and not tomorrow – “it’s Christmas in a week and a day” – it’s because the Swedes mostly celebrate Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. And since Magnus is Swedish, I’m assuming that’s the day he’s talking/singing about.

Here’s a super-camp version recorded at an “in store” by Magnus at a shopping centre somewhere in Sweden…

And here’s a full version on Swedish TV…

The jolly season is approaching fast
Giving us a reason to be happy at last
I just wanna give you
The best that I have got
And it’s yours to keep
Waiting under the tree

You know it’s christmas in a week and a day
and I just can’t figure out what to give away
So I just wrap myself in paper for you baby

And then the christmas is past and long gone away
I’ll be right in your arms with a card that says
That I love you –
Merry christmas to you baby

We’re far from strangers
You’ve got a special glow
When we’re making angels in the beautiful snow
I just wanna give you
the love of my heart
And it’s yours to keep
Waiting under the tree

And here’s one more version, updated since I made this blog post last year.

And here’s Magnus singing “Last Christmas”.

And finally, something very Swedish from Magnus.

2 responses to “You know it’s Christmas in a week and a day…”

  1. Victor Avatar

    Does Sweden celebrate Christmas Eve/Day on different days from us? A week and a day from the date of this post is December 22.

  2. James O'Brien Avatar

    I started it on the 14th and finished it last night, and obviously didn’t select the date right. Will update!!! :)

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