Gallery Crawl

Our mission was simple: three galleries in three hours.

Kate, a friend of hers, and I met at 4A Gallery just after six. Though I really love 4A, have bought works from there, and have blogged about their exhibitions on many occasions, I was a little disappointed with their current exhibition, “Future Archaeology”. I can’t put my finger on it, but there was just nothing which appealed to me this time.

After about thirty minutes we left, and grabbed a taxi to S.H.… Read the rest “Gallery Crawl”

4A’s Twilight Garden Party

These are some photographs from the 4A Gallery Chinese NY Event at Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship, held earlier tonight, featuring works by the visiting artist collective, Yangjiang Group.

Face Calligraphy
4A’s Twilight Garden Party
Calligraphy with left-over food
One of the DJs

As noted by the burb on the 4A site…

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with 4A and Chinese artist collective Yangjiang Group as they take over Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship! This one-night-only special event will feature live art performances led by Yangjiang Group, a contemporary art collective hailing from the coastal city of Yangjiang in China’s southern Guangdong province.

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Actions for Tomorrow from Yangjiang Group at 4A

“You always have great exhibitions, but this is the best in a good while”, I told Aaron Seeto, the curator at Sydney’s 4A Gallery. Their current exhibition, “Actions for Tomorrow” is the first solo exhibition in Australia of Yangjiang Group and it’s fantastic.

At the heart of the exhibition is the work of three artists, each with their own speciality who work collaboratively. My own personal favourite is the artist who works with wax, dripping wax over clothing.… Read the rest “Actions for Tomorrow from Yangjiang Group at 4A”

Ways by Omar Chowdhury at 4A

There’s a really heart-breaking moment in one of the films by Omar Chowdhury, currently showing at Sydney’s 4A Gallery. The film shows a young child (maybe 7-10 years old), begging, crawling along a busy street in Bangladesh. He obviously has a physical disability of some kind and so his movement is painfully slow and deliberate. As he crawls along, people drop coins in a bucket of money he’s pushing ahead of him.

Then all of a sudden there’s a commotion, and the crowd begins to part, as a large group of men come running towards him.… Read the rest “Ways by Omar Chowdhury at 4A”