Gallery Crawl

Gallery Crawl - Vermilion Opening

Our mission was simple: three galleries in three hours. Kate, a friend of hers, and I met at 4A Gallery just after six. Though I really love 4A, have bought works from there, and have blogged about their exhibitions on many occasions, I was a little disappointed with their current exhibition, "Future Archaeology". I can't [...]

4A’s Twilight Garden Party

These are some photographs from the 4A Gallery Chinese NY Event at Sydney's Chinese Garden of Friendship, held earlier tonight, featuring works by the visiting artist collective, Yangjiang Group. As noted by the burb on the 4A site... Celebrate the Chinese New Year with 4A and Chinese artist collective Yangjiang Group as they take over [...]

Ways by Omar Chowdhury at 4A

There's a really heart-breaking moment in one of the films by Omar Chowdhury, currently showing at Sydney's 4A Gallery. The film shows a young child (maybe 7-10 years old), begging, crawling along a busy street in Bangladesh. He obviously has a physical disability of some kind and so his movement is painfully slow and deliberate. [...]

4A Gallery Fundraiser

I spent $200 tonight purchasing an artwork by the artist, Hu Ming. The truth be told, I didn't know the work was by Hu Ming, as the work was part of an anonymous fundraiser by 4A Gallery in Sydney. I'm a great fan of 4A, having previously visited quite a number of their exhibitions, and [...]

23-Million To One

4a Members Exhibition

"I have this feeling we've met each other before", the young woman said to me tonight at Sydney's 4A Gallery. We had been introduced by my friend Kate at the annual Members Exhibition of the Sydney gallery which specialises in Asian-Australian Art. It's a gallery which I like very much, and which I support through [...]

4A Edition

The latest work, by Jae Hoon Lee, is quite different to last year's works. First, it's printed on photographic paper. Second, the theme matter and style of the work borders on "fantasy". As explained the accompanying blurb... I recently re-subscribed to the 4A "Edition" Series, and picked up the first work of this year's series, [...]

Cola Project @ 4a Gallery

The first thing you notice as you enter the gallery is a large mound of coal on the building's first floor. And then you smell the coal, and that's what prepares you for the exhibition upstairs. As you walk around the exhibition, the next thing you notice are buckets and tools covered in sticky, black, [...]

4A Members

Part of the 4A Gallery Members Exhibition

One of the best things I've done this year is subscribe to the Edition Series of Sydney's 4A Gallery. 4A is a gallery which specialises in Asian art, both art by artists from Asia, as well as artists from Australia with an Asian background. I've been to a far number of their exhibitions and they're [...]

New Art Work

Jason Wing Double Happiness, 2011 Offset lithograph Dims 70 x 50 cm Printer, Big Fag Press

There's something very exciting about getting one of those "Australia Post Cards" in your letterbox, isn't there? Sometimes you know what's arrived at the post office, other times you don't. This morning, as I went to the post office, it was a combination of both. I was pretty sure it was an artwork from 4A [...]

Edge of Elsewhere

Edge of Elsewhere exhibition at 4a Gallery

I'd highly recommend an exhibition Kate and I attended the opening of tonight, at Sydney's 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. It's a gallery space which mostly features work by Australian artists who have an Asian cultural background, but often in collaboration with people from other cultural backgrounds. As you enter the downstairs part of [...]