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Tree Removal Order
Tree Removal Order

A few weeks ago, you may recall, I wrote about the Tree Removal Order posted on a number of older trees in my leafy inner city street. Although the reasons for the removal were clear, I was nonetheless sad to read the order. At the time, I wrote…

I’m lucky enough to live in a street with some beautiful big, and admittedly, old trees. They’re a pain in the arse during autumn and winter when they lose their leaves. But in summer, they come to life, and make the street in which I live a truly beautiful place to be. They also provide shade for the nearby children’s playground. And I guess that’s where the concern comes from – that one day they’ll fall over and cause injury.

On a “personal level”, I’ve “lived” with those trees for almost the entire time I’ve been in Sydney, which is now 17 years. I swear, as a boy from the bush, it’s the trees that have kept me “sane” through all these years. Whenever I’ve felt a little stressed, all I’ve needed to do was walk down the stairs, cross the road, and sit in the park. The trees have kept me “grounded”, you might say.

Anyway, this morning I woke to the sound of chain-saws. The removal had begun.

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Half-jokingly, I declared on Facebook this morning I was…

Feeling tempted to chain myself to one of the three beautiful old trees in my street being removed today.

In response, a friend posted

It would be in keeping with your northern NSW roots if you did James – Terania Creek being the birthplace of modern environmental activism. I’ll keep an eye out for you on ACA tonight!

By the time I arrived home tonight – it was dark, and so I couldn’t see all that well – one of the trees had begun to resemble an Easter Island statue.

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