Rainy Weekend

I woke up late this morning, but never mind, since the weather has been pretty awful all day. We’re expecting more of this over the next few days, according to the weather forecast.

But it wasn’t just the weather that kept me in bed until about eleven o’clock. It was the fact that I’d stayed up until about four o’clock in the morning watching “Smash“.

A couple of weeks ago I heard the series described as both “Glee for grown-ups” and “Glee for the theatre crowd”. Honestly, how I could I resist such a description, especially when the program also features actors from two of my favourite television programs – Debra Messing (Grace from “Will & Grace”) and Jack Davenport (Miles from “This Life”).

The series centres around a small group of theatre types who are planning a Broadway Musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe. As with all good dramas, all of the characters have their flaws and the series is very much about how they deal with their “demons”. I’m up to episode seven, with eight more to go, and I’ve just read NBC have commissioned a second series which is good.

But yeah, television watching kept me mostly busy for most of the day before heading out for some fruit and vegetable shopping, and to catch up with my niece visiting from Lismore. “Sorry about the weather I told her”, when we met.

Michelle and James
Michelle and James

She’s in town for 24 hours onlyattending an engagement party. It’s not often that my family comes to Sydney. Growing up in Lismore, Brisbane was always the “big city” we visited, not only because of proximity, but also as we have quite a few relatives based there. It would be nice if they came more.

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