Best Day To Travel

“Is it always this quiet at Sydney Airport on a Saturday?”, I asked the cab driver on my way home tonight. “Yes”, he told me.

It was the same at Brisbane Airport earlier in the day. I was literally the only person in the queue to go through the security check. For a while it seemed like there were more people working than passengers. Had “the rapture” been and gone, I wondered to myself at one point. Soon after coming through customs I discovered another great thing – if you sit in the food-hall at Brisbane Airport, there’s enough of a signal from the Qantas Lounge to make free wi-fi a reality.

The plane – which left Brisbane at 5.20pm – had hardly anyone on it. I felt a bit sorry for the staff when they were doing their safety demonstration. “I better watch just in case no one else does”, I thought to myself. The customer service level was amazing. And then arriving at Sydney Airport, I walked to the taxi queue and there were only two other people waiting. We all had cabs instantly.

Sydney Airport Taxi Queue
Sydney Airport Taxi Queue

I’d assumed it was everyone at home watching the Olympic Games, but no, apparently Saturdays at Sydney Airports are “dead”, according to my cab driver. “If I’m travelling for work, I like to travel between about lunch time and three”, I told the driver. It’s usually pretty quiet then. When I asked him what were the other really quiet moments as a cab driver at the airport, he hesitated slightly. I thought maybe I’d asked an inappropriate question. I’d asked for a secret he didn’t want to reveal. The answer was Saturday and Sunday mornings. Everyone likes a sleep-in apparently.

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  1. I flew back from Ballina on Sunday at lunch time and the flight was packed as was the Sydney terminal on arrival.

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