What A Piece Of Work

Joan Rivers - A Piece Of Work
Joan Rivers – A Piece Of Work

What a piece of work I am. Or might be, according to astrology.

I’m in a discussion right now with some people around Chinese New Year, and I’ve noted that 2013 is “my year”. It’s the “Year Of The Snake”.

So what is a Snake? According to one website I found…

People born under the year of the Snake tend to exhibit the following characteristics: they are intellectual, superstitious, sceptical, astute, have elegance, innate wisdom, and possibly some levels of supernatural capability. Snake people rarely seek independent advice or advice from others, possibly because on the whole they don’t communicate well with others. They tend to be very private people, but when they are riled they like to “settle old scores”. Generally they are very deliberate about whatever they say. They like to think first and speak later and they also have a cautious business sense. It is in their nature to be very unremitting and suspicious and this results in a character that is both slow to forgive, highly calculative, somewhat hateful in nature and can certainly bide their time in order to reap their revenge. Other features include: leading dangerous lives that are full of thrills and intrigue, yet they keep a firmness of purpose and a clear presence of mind.

Woh! That’s pretty intense.

I’m also a Scorpio. That’s also pretty intense, according to one website…

People can see you as insensitive to others’ needs, even obsessive, because you push forward so single-mindedly. There are no half-measures in your life — in friendship, love, family life or work. You want to be the best, and you won’t let anything stand in the way. But on the plus side, you like to share your successes with the people you take under your wing, whether they’re family or friends. You’re not afraid of obstacles or challenges, whether they are something unavoidable or foes or competitors. In fact, you thrive on them — you love trying to prove that no one can stop you. If someone tries to corner you or put you in a difficult situation, they’d better be prepared to give it their best shot, because you won’t give in until you win, and your enemy is totally crushed in body, mind and spirit. If that ruthless streak in your character can’t be satisfied straight away, you’ll wait, patiently, until the proper time to seek revenge. Time is of no consequence to you when it comes to wreaking vengeance.

Though I did find this, which makes me slightly less scarey…

Being born between the 3rd and 11th November makes you more idealistic and spiritual by nature. You have a strong leaning towards understanding the meaning of life and delving deeply into the true nature of your being.

Even though I don’t believe in all this stuff, it is interesting that my birth declares I have elements of the “scary signs” of both Astroloogical calendars – Snake and Scorpio. It can’t be true…

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  1. I have heard of people being born on the cusp, but you really can’t have a foot in two signs.Typical of an inner city Sydney type lacking commitment.

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