Coffee Queue

When you have a computer that takes, literally, ten to fifteen minutes to boot up every day, you need something to pass the time. I check my mail, I check my voice-mail, and I take a swig or two on the coffee I’ve picked up on the way to work.

My favourite shop for coffee is “Coffee Trails” at Railway Square. I’ve been going there for almost as long as they’ve been open. I even follow them, and they follow me on Twitter. The shop has a good vibe about it, and they make good coffee. Clearly, however, I’ve been extolling their virtues far too much, as they’ve become more and more popular. Lately, the queue has been, literally, out the door. How I long for the days when they had just a loyal, but small customer base.

But I keep going back, because they known my name, they’re lovely people, and they make good coffee. But from time to time, lately, I’ve become a little promiscuous when it comes to purchasing coffee. If the queue there is too long, I’ll go to another “hole in the wall coffee shop”. And if it’s too busy there, I’ll try another. Just the other day, though, just about everyone in Sydney seemed to be purchasing coffee, and everyone had such a long queue, that I was forced to go to work without a coffee. I know, I know. First world problems.

We certainly seem to have embraced the coffee lifestyle in Sydney, or perhaps it’s just more and more people living in the city?

Also, I have a slightly weird theory though that we’ll see health problems emerge in a couple of years time, as people come down with a mystery illness due to the “leached plastic” in their systems due to the coffee cup lids. Seriously guys, it’s time to take the plastic lid off the paper cup.

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  1. If your computer really takes 10 minutes to boot up you either need to clean up your start up programs or better still get a new computer.

    You might need to give up some some of your coffee drinking to pay for it!

    1. No seriously it does, and it’s pretty common, taking into account start up, logging on to the network, and installing up dates. On the other hand, my home computer takes about twenty seconds.

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