Slight Worry

Slight Worry

This photograph worries me slightly on two levels. First – I worry that my local branch of the Commonwealth Bank may be about to close. Where else am I going to visit to cash in my money box when it fills up? Second – I worry that it’s another retail premise that will remain empty for an extended period. It seems there’s an awful lot of premises in Surry Hills which are “up for lease” and which never seem to be ever actually leased to anyone. PS. Is Chris Momitsas the only real estate agent in Surry Hills?

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  1. My sister lives in Surry Hills now, and is loving it. I’d be concerned, doesn’t look good. My bank in Sweden stopped accepting cash, ‘they no longer deal with money’ – ha!

  2. Hello Justin, No need to worry! One of the bank employees told me the Commonwealth Bank was not closing in Surry Hills, merely relocating to another site in Crown Street near the Surry Hills Library. Irena Hatfield

      1. Hi this is Chris Momitsas from CJM Property Group in Surry Hills, yes Irena that is correct CBA Surry Hills is moving to 435 Crown Street, Surry Hills up near the Surry Hills Library during the Christmas break period.
        There is no need for alarm as Crown Street is just doing what it has been doing for more than two decades now, which is that it is morphing into one of the most popular & vibrant retail strips in Sydney.
        I assure you all is good in Crown Street, Surry Hills & is still going from strength to strength but keeping its village feel & atmosphere.
        Keep tuned & enjoy the ride…

        Yours truly CM

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