Sydney Bushfires

Sydney Bushfires

Tragically, 100 maybe 200 homes (or more) will be lost in the bushfires currently on the outskirts of Sydney. Meanwhile, here’s the view in inner city Surry Hills where the ashes have been cast asunder. Thinking about all those currently fighting the fires either directly or indirectly as support people.





3 responses to “Sydney Bushfires”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    Rather bringing the bush to the city, isn’t it.

  2. loulouloves Avatar

    I know, it’s really awful. I’ve been listening to ABC local all day.

  3. James O'Brien Avatar

    This just tweeted…

    NSW RFS ‏@NSWRFS 59s
    Teams will be assessing damage from #nswfires today. It appears there may be hundreds of homes destroyed. #nswrfs

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