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“So this is what people do when they retire?”, I though to myself as I looked around the clientele at La Capannina, Milson’s Point. In the outdoor area, there was a table of six older men (mid to late 60s) who looked like they all probably worked together at some point. In the inside area, everyone was similarly aged, though in much smaller groups. Along with the waiters, I was the youngest person in the restaurant. It was interesting to sit quietly and reflect and have a beer, as I watched the blokes play footy on the former bowling green lawns, and waited for my lunchtime partner.

Every so often, a former colleague and I go out for longish lunch. While mostly I scoff down some food in front of my computer (not actually taking a lunch break), it’s an occasional indulgence which I have mixed feelings about. I have a reasonably healthy work ethic, and so the idea of skiving off for a few hours hits at the very core of my existence. But then I rationalise it by remembering I hardly ever actually go out for lunch, and after a couple of hours of good food, good wine and good conversation, it’s all okay.

Having lived in Sydney all his life, being pretty well connected, and now retired, my friend usually has better ideas about where to go than I do. Today, he excelled himself with his suggestion of La Capannina. I’d never heard of it. I had no idea there was a restaurant located at an old bowling club at Milson’s Point, right next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and with great views.

The view from La Capannina Restaurant in Milsons Point, Sydney.
The view from La Capannina Restaurant in Milsons Point, Sydney.

For the entree, we shared a healthy serving of antipasto. For the main, I had rolled veal which was excellent. In contrast to the restaurant’s bowling club days, the meals were mid-priced (higher than I’d normally pay for lunch, but not too high). The wait staff (who all spoke with Italian accents) were friendly and efficient. The owner popped out for a chat to check on how things were going.

On a fine winter’s day in Sydney, you could do worse than have lunch there.

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  1. Sandra in Sweden Avatar
    Sandra in Sweden

    Wow, what a view. You need to take me there next time I’m in town. Maybe we should retire early and do lunch?

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