I’ve never really been one for the “sit on the beach/read a book” style of vacation. Generally, I like to go somewhere interesting, discover as much as I can about the place, and hopefully get to chat with some new and interesting people.

But having enjoyed a wonderful holiday in China, I opted to take an extra week’s annual leave to stay at home in Sydney for a “staycation”. In the back of my mind, there were still plans to get out and about: to visit galleries, go walking, cycling etc. But the reality, I’m slightly ashamed to say, has been staying at home, getting out of bed late, watching a bit of catch-up television, and little else.

I’m philosophical, though, since I think your body is usually the best guide to what you should do. If you’re feeling sick, I always think it’s far preferable to have a cup of tea, go to bed and sleep for as long as you can, rather than take pharmaceuticals. I’m guessing the inner-sloth in me took over and for the last week my body has said rather clearly, “just relax”.

Still I got up earlyish this morning in preparation for a return to work tomorrow.

As you can see from the tree: winter has most certainly arrived in Sydney, and despite being woken by the awful noise of these rather ugly birds (the ones you normally find hanging out around garbage bins), it was still a rather nice view to be greeted by.

Here’s to a lovely mild Sydney winter.

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