Apparently, it’s raining in Sydney

Earlier today I discovered the key advantage of being seated in the final row of an aircraft: while you’re always the last to be fed and often the last to get off, you’re also the closest the toilet. This was an important realisation I came to earlier this morning as I sat and waited desperately for the seatbelt light to go off.

Although I’d received a message last night my 0700 flight was cancelled, I still arrived at the airport fairly early. As I live fairly close to the airport, it generally doesn’t take me long to get there. I can usually catch a cab for about twenty dollars. The combination of heavy rain and traffic slowed things down, and the cab fare came out at thirty-three dollars. But I was still early enough to sit around, have a juice, have a coffee, and read the papers, knowing I wouldn’t have to wait too long for the re-scheduled 0800 flight. Unfortunately, the flight was further put back to 0825. At about 0820, the captain told us there would be further delays, but that we should be on the runway in “about eighteen minutes” but that we might have to wait on the runway for a while.

Visiting Melbourne
Visiting Melbourne

We finally left Sydney at about 0945. It was about ten o’clock before the seat-belt light was switched off, by which time we had all been waiting, patiently on the flight for about 1 hr and 45 minutes. The combination of fruit juice and coffee had come back to haunt me. I was busting for a wee, and as soon as the seat-belt light went off, I jumped up. The only person who got there faster than me was one of the flight attendants. As I emerged, there was at least a dozen others in the queue.

It’s raining here in Melbourne also, though not as heavily as it was in Sydney this morning. Melbourne seems to take wet weather in its stride, whereas Sydney really doesn’t cope well with the rain, does it?

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  1. Not so. Melbourne falls apart when it rains, especially if it is heavy rain, which we may get less of than you do. It was only very light rain today. We also fall apart when it is hot. London falls apart if there is snow.

    1. Actually you’re right about heavy rain in Sydney. Sydney has much higher annual rainfall than Melbourne, and it’s all concentrated in a shorter period of time.

  2. Welcome to Melvegas! If you’re here for long enough, swing by Melbourne Museum and I’ll show you the amazing First Peoples exhibition.

    1. Hi Tiffany, I doubt I’ll have time. It’s a pretty full on work-related trip. Hopefully I’ll have some time Wednesday afternoon, as we’re due to finish at 1pm and my flight isn’t until 4pm. Fingers crossed. James

  3. Hello James, Discovered the same thing when day tripping on coaches… the back seat is the best as closest to the dunny and can sit and wait for all the rest to get off and get to stay out side to view the sights longer while others get on so all good… was curious to know if you have had a Y dna test at FTDNA?? What with the surname of O’Brien… my brother has had the Y test 37 marker and the Autosome test also and have had some interesting distant cousin matches and clues to our “Flemish”origins in Europe… worth doing if you have not yet done so. Janet in sunny windy …. 4 seasons in one day Coffs Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 11:06:53 +0000 To:

    1. Hi Janet
      I have actually thought about the various DNA genealogy tests. Have read conflicting reports about the value/accuracy of them. But it’s been in the back of my mind and I suspect I might actually do one. Would be interesting to see what turns up. Physically, I have so many Irish/Celtic physical trademarks such as reddish hair, fair skin, green eyes, and a longer second toe, so I’m guessing mostly ancestry from that part of the world, though you never know.

    1. Too true Victor, though I suspect I’ll never know. Being of reasonably small stature, I’ve never thought the expense of an upgrade to Business or (heaven forbid) First Class was worth it.

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