Parliament House – Canberra

A trip to Canberra is not complete without a trip to Parliament House. Like everyone else today, I marvelled at the architecture and the symbolism of the design. But I suspect I might have been the only one who went for a wander in the nearby bushland. I really love how Parliament House is surrounded by Australian native plants. Here’s a few of the photographs I took earlier today.

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  1. That was an interesting thing to do, which we did not do last year when we visited. Floriade beckoned. Seeing our Parliament House was terrific though. When tv reporters report from Parliament House, it is nice to know where they are standing and what is the background. Seeing the ‘red and green rooms’ with a jocular guide who had plenty of anecdotes was very interesting and entertaining. All Australians should see where their masters work.

    • Agreed. Have been there quite a few times and worked in Canberra for a while during the 90s, so I figured I didn’t need to go inside this time. Reading through blogs and was just about to read your R post, but it’s gone. I often have a post in draft form for a few days, just in case I have second thoughts.

  2. I agree with you, I love Parliament House and Canberra in general. People are so disparaging about the place but I like it a lot. What I most like about parliament house is standing on the roof with the view out over the city in front. When one turns around, its just scrub out the back – so Australian!

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