Sculpture by the Sea

The last few times I’ve been to “Sculpture by the Sea”, I’ve found the sheer number of people visiting to be a little too much for my liking. I think it’s great so many people go to see the exhibition, I’m just not one for crowds, these days. So I decided I’d get up early this morning and head off to see the exhibition before the big crowds descended. Sue was planning to come with me, but piked at the last minute, deciding an hour or two extra in bed was preferable.

Even at seven o’clock there was already a healthy crowd of people. There were lots of photographers (possibly an organised photo walk). Add to that, every man and his dog with a smart phone seems to think these days an event never happened unless there’s a selfie to accompany it (I include myself in that). So despite the early hour, there were moments I found myself having to queue to take a photograph. On top of that, there were the glares from the Bondi locals who are used to the Bondi to Tamara trail as the site for their morning run, who you could see weren’t happy about having to share the space.

While there were no “wow” moments for me with any of the sculptures this year, I thought the standard was pretty good. I was also really pleased to see a lot of more traditional sculptures (humans) compared with the more abstract works which have dominated in the last few years.

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