Friday night at Franco Franco

How good does this look? We had just been to see a play at nearby Belvoir Street Theatre, and decided we “couldn’t go home” without a bit of desert. We explained this to the waiter, and somehow, in their really busy restaurant, still managed to get a really good table. As we talked over the play, we also listened in to the conversation of a nearby couple who were clearly on a first or second date. It was painful to listen to the small-talk as they posed trivial questions to each other. “Though later in life I might regret being single now, I just don’t think I could go through that again”, I told Sue. “I’m sure it’s much easier to go out to a bar get drunk, bring someone home and find out the next morning they’ve pretty much moved in. Well, it worked last time”, I added. Meanwhile, Sue had the gelato and I had a donut-like desert served with what appeared to be warm nutella. Yummo. Highly recommended.

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