Centennial Hotel

When it became fairly obvious there was absolutely no chance of NSW recovering in the State of Origin decider, people began leaving the pub. By the time the game was over, it was pretty much us, and nobody else.

The SSO wasn’t the drawcard for us to go to the Centennial Hotel in Woollahra: the drawcard was the chef, Justin North (formerly Becasse etc) and the offer of a $28 meal if we dined before 6.30pm. For $28 you get a main course, a side, and some ice-cream at the end. Though I’m sure lots of people “upgrade” we were more than happy with the offer.

As you’ll see the meals look good, and are of a good size. And tasty. I had the barramundi which was excellent. For some odd reason we all chose the same side meal: sprouts with bacon which was also excellent. At the end, the ice-cream was a simple scoop of home made ice-cream with butterscotch. The atmosphere and service were also very good. So all in all, a really good way to spend the night.

Afterwards we had a few more glasses of wine, and then a couple of beers, and chatted, and watched the dying minutes of the SOO. That was the only bad thing about the evening.

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