Klub Koori – Bart Willoughby and Friends

Over dinner last night with Kristen and Damien, it was revealed we were all due to go Carriageworks to see Klub Koori present “Bart Willoughby & Friends”. Having not seen each other for a few months, it was a real surprise to realise we would end up seeing each other two nights in a row. In both cases, a friend (not a mutual one) had asked us to go along. So there you go.

Bart was a member of some legendary Australian rock bands, including No Fixed Address (Since 1978), The Black Arm Band, Yothu Yindi (1988 – 1989), and Mixed Relations. With one or two exceptions, drummers generally aren’t also vocalists, so it’s really interesting to see someone combine the stage presence of a lead vocalist with being seated behind a drum set. The set included a bit of reggae, a bit of rock, and a degree of experimental works also.

He was supported by Leah Flanagan, Brenda Gifford, and the absolutely awesome soul-pop band, Microwave Jenny. An excellent night, overall.

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