French Touch

I don’t often go out for lunch, these days. Although I know I should, and even made a promise to myself a few years ago I WOULD, and actually DID for quite a while, inevitably I go out, grab some food, and then come back and eat at my desk. But today I needed to come home for a delivery, and so I decided to “indulge” myself by popping into a local restaurant in Surry Hills for lunch.

I first visited French Touch a few months ago, and I thought it was okay. At the time I wrote:

Although the crepe I chose wasn’t all that exciting to my tastes (I probably should have had sweet, rather than savoury) the range on offer was pretty impressive. I’ll definitely go back to try some others. The waiters were also very friendly, and the food arrived fast. But the coffee? OMG the coffee was EXCELLENT. Really excellent coffee.

I didn’t have the coffee today, so I can’t comment if it’s still good or not. But I chose better when it came to the crepe: they have a proscuitto and blue cheese crepe which is excellent. They also have lunch-time $12.50 specials, so it was a doubly good experience.

Although I won’t be travelling to France on my forthcoming trip, I am looking forward to many more wonderful lunch breaks. And once again, I’ll promise myself to make it a regular thing, instead of sitting and eating lunch at my desk. Bon voyage!

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