End Of The Video Shop

About fifteen years ago I remember accruing a significant fine at my local video shop for failing to return my videos on time. As I recall, that particular video shop went out of business, and was replaced by Blockbuster Video.

I don’t remember if I ever repaid the fine, or if I went on to a list of “bad debtors”, but it was probably the last connection I’ve had with a video store. Ever since, I’ve either bought DVDs, or more recently, have used on-line services.

Clearly I’m the all-too-common problem that’s resulted in the closure of the video store in Surry Hills. Following on from the closure of our local record shop and a recent newsagent closure, another “icon” has gone the way of modern technology. These things happen, of course, life changes, but it’s still a little sad. For many years, visiting the video shop was an important thing I did.

And of course, it’s sad for the people who have lost their jobs, and it’s yet another empty shop in Surry Hills.