End Of The Video Shop

About fifteen years ago I remember accruing a significant fine at my local video shop for failing to return my videos on time. As I recall, that particular video shop went out of business, and was replaced by Blockbuster Video.

I don’t remember if I ever repaid the fine, or if I went on to a list of “bad debtors”, but it was probably the last connection I’ve had with a video store. Ever since, I’ve either bought DVDs, or more recently, have used on-line services.

Clearly I’m the all-too-common problem that’s resulted in the closure of the video store in Surry Hills. Following on from the closure of our local record shop and a recent newsagent closure, another “icon” has gone the way of modern technology. These things happen, of course, life changes, but it’s still a little sad. For many years, visiting the video shop was an important thing I did.

And of course, it’s sad for the people who have lost their jobs, and it’s yet another empty shop in Surry Hills.

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  1. Aw, the note is a bit sad. Aside from the dying business of dvd rentals, are local shops for local people being driven out by increasing rentals, as cafes and restaurant succeed and landlords can see that the newcomers can pay higher rent?

    1. Yes, it’s probably a bit of that Andrew. There’s quite a few empty shops in our area now, which is surprising, because it’s a popular place to live. A local hairdresser has scrawled on his window “moved to Foveaux Street, moved on to better things” (or something like that).

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