Can Of Tuna

For the last couple of weeks or so I’ve had a can of tuna sitting prominently on my desk at work. I picked it up on the way to work one morning as a “freebie” from people handing them out on the street. Given my Scandinavian interests, the idea of tasting some tuna from Finland definitely appealed. But, as I usually buy my lunch, it’s just been sitting there doing nothing much at all until today.

Today, I picked up some bread rolls and some tomatoes, and had firmly decided I was going to have it for lunch today. Imagine my surprise when I opened the can, only to discover there was no tuna inside at all. In fact, it was just a can full of water, along with some advertising for John West.

As revealed on Mumbrella

The whole thing was in fact a huge marketing stunt by the John West brand to spruik the fact that 95% of its tuna is now sustainably sourced, to help stop tuna stocks dying out.

“Ripped off!”, I told my colleagues, “…and I was so looking forward to it”. Thankfully, one of my colleagues came to my rescue with a can of ACTUAL tuna.

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