Melodifestivalen 2016 #2

First, the good news:  there was only one song which I thought was absolutely bloody awful in the second heat of Melodifestivalen, the contest which chooses Sweden’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Maybe it was too early on a Sunday morning for me, but 100% by Viktor och Natten did absolutely nothing for me. For me, it was rushed and confused. I couldn’t work out what exactly they were hoping to achieve with this song. Clearly, Sweden agreed with me, as the song was voted out.

Now, the bad news: there was nothing in the second heat which grabbed my attention. Sure, there were some pretty good songs. For example, I really liked “We Are Your Tomorrow” by David Lindgren (through to the final) and “Hunger” by Molly Petterson Hammar (through to the second chance final). Surprisingly, I also really liked “Håll mitt hjärta hårt”  by Patrik, Tommy and Uno. I say surprisingly, because I thought the idea of a bunch of mid 40s blokes who looked more like songwriters than performers, seemed a little weak, and would have little chance of making it through to represent Sweden at Eurovision, but the song and performance were pretty good. They didn’t make it through, though.

And I guess that’s my point about Melodifestivalen so far this year: there’s nothing so far which I think has “winner” stamped all over it. I’m sure there’ll be a song/performance which may be worthy of consideration, though. Fingers crossed.

At least they’re doing well with the presenters this year. Gina was great, and Charlotte was, well, Charlotte was Charlotte (and that’s a good thing). Mother and daughter?

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