New Sydney Hotel, Hobart

As I sat, sipping on a glass of wine at The Brick Factory, I received an instant message from Damien, asking where I was planning to have dinner tonight . “Spooky”, I replied, “I was just going through your email thinking exactly the same thing”. He and Kristin love their food and wine, are big fans of Hobart, have bought a house here, and are planning to move here, and so of course I asked him for suggestions.

Though they haven’t actually been the the “New Sydney Hotel”, Damien told me “Everyone who goes here raves about the quality of the food. Top notch pub food, only a 10 min walk from where you’re staying. Highly recommended.”

Getting to the hotel was simple: about only 1km walk from where I was at Salamanca Place. On arrival, I did a circuit twice trying to find somewhere to sit. I ended up at the bar, chose a nice beer, and three small plates ($33). Their “takes” on fried chicken, pigs ears and arancini were all well presented. Though they all tasted excellent, it was actually a little too much food for just me, and there was a little bit of a sameness to the flavours of the dishes I chose. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the meal, and the atmosphere, and the service was friendly and attentive.

A good suggestion, I’ll definitely return.

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