Surry Hills Saturday

There’s a row of terraces opposite the Brett Whitley Gallery in Sydney’s Surry Hills. As I waited for my friend outside the gallery (she was using their bathroom), I noticed one of the houses had a front garden consisting entirely of succulents. “I guess it saves on watering”, my friend joked. Meanwhile, I couldn’t resist taking a few lovely photographs.

A visit to the gallery was a diversion for us, as we wandered around the Surry Hills Festival. What did we see? A woman in a bride’s dress declaring she was single and available; a terrific art work at the Surry Hills Library (a million stars against violence); some lovely music, some over-priced gelato, and pom-poms in the trees. “It’s just like The Channon Market,  but with more gays”, my friend noted. A gorgeous day for wandering around mah ‘hood.


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