Devonshire Street Light Rail

Sydney is undergoing a revolution. 50 or so years since the trams were removed, they’re returning as “light rail”. Pretty soon, I’ll have a tram heading up Devonshire Street, not far from where I live. As construction work is underway, I thought I’d share a few photographs. (Hi Highriser). I’m planning on sharing some more on the weekend.

4 Replies to “Devonshire Street Light Rail”

  1. In spite of the endless criticism, I have no doubt it will be successful from day one……maybe too successful.

  2. I still don’t understand the choice of Devonshire Street, one of Sydney’s narrowest streets, for the light rail route. Nearby Foveaux Street which also runs east/west is far wider.

    1. It surprises me too Victor. Why not Oxford Street, and then up along Flinders? Both busy streets which could benefit from improved public transport.

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