Surry Hills Tramstop

“We apologise for the delay, but we’re still not sure when we can leave, after an earlier incident”, the tram driver told us twice.

While many others got off the tram, I decided to wait.

And what a lovely experience it was. There was a couple sitting opposite with a child of maybe eighteen months old. That age when children start to develop their own personality, are usually always smiling.

They were a French couple and she was was talking to the child in some very basic French, which was good, as it was at about the level of my understanding of French.… Read the rest “Surry Hills Tramstop”

Melbourne Needs Hills

“Ding Ding”. I smiled when I heard the familiar sound of a tram. After a long absence, light rail (trams) will soon return more prominently to the streets of Sydney. Although we’ve had them for a while around the casino and the Inner West, they’ve been absent for decades from the main CBD, and around the neighbourhood where I live, Surry Hills. I’m within a few metres of the new tram, so I’m getting to know the familiar “ding ding” sound very well.… Read the rest “Melbourne Needs Hills”

Surry Hills Light Rail Update

They’ve been “testing” the new light rail (trams) in Surry Hills for about three months now. Though infrequent at the beginning, I live close enough to the tracks to notice the “ding ding” sounds have become more frequent. At night, sometimes they’ve been as regular as every ten to fifteen minutes. The rumble of the light rail also indicated to me, they’ve been running through at a much faster pace.

The first light rail resting occured in May.
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Devonshire Street Lightrail Construction

I smiled when I saw the mural was still there, standing in the midst of the construction zone. Though I have no idea if that’s a good or a bad thing, in terms of preservation, it gave me a smile to see it standing there nonetheless. Seemingly further back from where it used to be, not far from Bourke Street, this is, perhaps its new location? Or is it the original location? I’ve never been that good spatially.… Read the rest “Devonshire Street Lightrail Construction”