Surry Hills Light Rail Update

They’ve been “testing” the new light rail (trams) in Surry Hills for about three months now. Though infrequent at the beginning, I live close enough to the tracks to notice the “ding ding” sounds have become more frequent. At night, sometimes they’ve been as regular as every ten to fifteen minutes. The rumble of the light rail also indicated to me, they’ve been running through at a much faster pace.

The first light rail resting occured in May.

And so last night I ventured out with a fold up chair and a glass of wine to sit and wait for them to come through. I waited and waited. Clearly I’d left it too late, as the only thing I managed to spot was the infamous Surry Hills rabbit.

I don’t know who owns it, but apparently, this rabbit wanders out at night by itself to graze on some the nearby foliage.
I also noticed there’s a “For Lease” sign on the outside of “The Book Kitchen”, a terrific cafe forced out of business by the light rail construction.

After waiting for about an hour, I packed my bags went to bed.

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