Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade 2017

“The last time I went to the party, I saw YOU there”, I said to a colleague this week, in response to the question about my plans for Mardi Gras. “Oh that was a long time ago”, she responded. Though they say you’re only as old as you feel, I definitely feel too old for the party. Sweaty. Crowded. Noisy. Or perhaps another way of looking at it is I don’t actually have any friends who would want to go with me, even if I did. We’re all in a different phase of our lives, I guess.

But I do quite enjoy taking a walk to Darlinghurst to watch the parade. Though I must emphasise my tolerance for crowds isn’t what it once was (i.e. compared to the days when I actually went in the parade), so I tend to find a quieter spot towards the end of the parade, rather than be in the thick of it all at Taylor Square.

And though not officially “working”, I made a brief appearance on ABC Radio tonight, describing the parade.


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  1. Great photos. I have mixed feelings about the parade but when I was younger, it was great fun, although very stressful because of the numbers of viewers. I’ll listen to sound file later. The after party was just amazing, and the next morning, quite amazing in a different way.

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