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In one months time, I’ll be on a plane, headed to Stockholm. “What, again?”, I hear you ask. Since 2008, I have visited Sweden (in particular, Stockholm) on several occasions. By my reckoning, I’ve “lived there” for almost six months. I really like the country, have made some friends there, and whenever there’s a few spare dollars in my account, I can’t help but be tempted to pay another visit.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a fair bit of research about new things to do, including tourist spots I haven’t visited before (and those I’d like to revisit), as well as new restaurants, museums and events to attend. I’ve been compiling a fairly healthy list of them.

But I’ve also been going back and looking at previous blog posts. And, hopefully as a benefit to others, I’ve sorted through my many posts about Sweden, to identify those which hopefully have some genuinely useful information for visitors.

These are my travel tips from my visits to Sweden, all in one place.


Unlike some of the many other reviews/tips you’ll read, these mostly don’t include information about entry times, prices etc, it’s more what I thought/felt about the many things I have done.

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