Stockholm i Natt

“Excuse me, I have to take some more photographs”, I said to my friend Mattias, as we enjoyed conversation and a beer at Blå Dörren (a bar at Slussen). Though the sunset last night was not as spectacular as earlier in the week, the night colours (once the sun had set) were beautiful. Before and after we entered the bar, I took some photographs, looking towards Gamla Stan. Thanks to the auto-create effect in Google Photos, they were transformed into two stunning panoramas.


Stockholm 2

…and a little later

Stockholm 1

It was a really great way to attend what is, today, a public holiday in Sweden (Ascension Day). Although Sandra had gone into work, I received a text from her later in the morning, asking what I was up to and whether or not I’d like to go with her to Fjäderholmarna, some of the inner archipelago islands. About twenty five minutes by ferry, the island features some glorious handcraft workshops (silver smith, glass blowing) as well as terrific places to eat chocolate, ice-ream, and drink Rose. What more could you want?

It left me with just a few minutes to get back to my apartment and freshen up before catching up with Mattias. He’s a lovely bloke I’ve been chatting online with for a few years about photography, travel, politics and more. We actually met last time I was here also. We had a great chat over dinner at Nya Carnegiebryggeriet (New Carnegie Brewery), before ending the night at Blå Dörren, which is near where I took those lovely night-time photographs.

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