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I first heard of Australian singer-songwriter, Shane Nicholson about a decade ago (maybe longer) when he recorded a terrific version of the song “Still In Love With You” by legendary Australian band, Dragon. And so, it put a smile on my face, when going to the toilet last night at the Camelot Lounge for the launch of Shane’s latest album, I discovered Dragon are soon doing a gig there. They’re playing “their hits”, as well as hits by some other “legendary Australian bands”.

It must have been the early 2000s. Over the next decade, Shane went on to marry (and divorce) legendary country-music singer, Kasey Chambers.

And that’s when Shane became “really interesting”. His break-up/divorce songs are terrific. Sad, reflective. In particular, there’s a wonderful song called “Second Hand Man” which I really love, about being a “Second Hand Man”, but moving on to a new relationship.

This is another favourite: Jimmie Rodgers Was A Vampire

With a style that’s usually described as “alt-country”, I really enjoyed last night’s show, as he played a terrific combination of new and older songs.

One of the highlights of the night was when he left the stage, and came down into the audience, playing acoustically. He said it was something he really enjoyed doing, ever since playing a gig where the power went off half-way through the show.

His support act last night was Tori Forsyth. For the most part, I thought her songs were a little too melancholy. But it really brought a smile to my face when she performed the song “Johnny & June” which she recorded and released about 12-18 months ago. A terrific song.

And here’s his new song.

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  1. matthew schiavello Avatar

    Is there such a thing as ‘too melancholy’?

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