Friday Night Art Bar

When you’re invited to a night at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Sydney, you should never refuse the invitation. Unless there’s a cruise ship in port at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, the upstairs cafe at the MCA enjoys spectacular views of both the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. And the MCA has an awesome collection of works. And so when my friend invited me to Art Bar at the MCA tonight, an event which I’ve been to several times before, of course I said yes.

Though I wasn’t familiar with the artist who chose tonight’s works, and I wasn’t overly excited about the “performance” work, I loved hanging out with my friend, and a broader circle of acquaintainces, enjoyed the art on display, including some of the short films, and especially loved the all-female rock band who performed tonight. An absolute highlight!!

A very “arty crowd”, as you’ll see from the awesome photographs.

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