Career Memories

At the end of a “difficult week” at the ABC, there’s still much to smile about.

One of the awesome things that’s happened recently at work has been a project to make the ABC’s digitised archives more readily available internally.

For me, it means a whole bunch of my earlier work, which I thought was missing, is now available. Though I remember a couple of big stories I broke in the earlier part of my career, there’s other work I’d completely forgotten, such as a 27-minute interview with Flo Bjelke-Petersen. I was quite the angry young journalist!!

Here’s a couple of pieces from the early 1990s, which gave me a smile.

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  1. I remember seeing the Sydney G&L Choir in Wagga on TV. I’ll watch it later with sound. Did Flo give you a roneoed copy of her pumpkin scone recipe? She knew as much what was going on as Joh did and deserved to treated harshly by an angry young journalist. But I am sure you remained perfectly polite. I was home alone when I watched the Moonlight State and it was life changing moment for me. I switched from being a believer in the goodness of those authority to a cynic about everything in the space of 50 minutes. You were probably too young at the time. Ok, yes, TMI.

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