Thursday Night On oxford Street

Though I know Jacaranda trees are considered a “pest” in many parts of Australia, because they’re an introduced species, I love them. Maybe it’s because I’m originally from the NSW North Coast, and nearby Grafton is considered the “Jacaranda Capital of Australia”? The purple flowers are, in my view, quite beautiful, and as I stopped and admired them tonight on Riley Street, Darlinghurst, there was another person taking in their view, and taking photographs of them, so I can’t be alone.
I was on my way to meet a friend at “Bar Vincent”, on Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst. “This restaurant has an Onde vibe” to it, I said to my friend, reminiscent of another nearby restaurant with a similar “neighbourhood vibe” and menu, where we we had often dined together over the last twenty years. As it turns out, one of the key staff members had also worked there, during the restaurant’s final six months.
Shared kingfish for entree.

Shared beef for the main.

To be honest, we probably spent too much on the bottle of wine we shared, but hey, you only live once. The food, wine and company were excellent.

From there, we wandered up Oxford Street, checking out the Thursday night sites of Halloween.

People drinking wine and painting.
“I used to always buy wallets from Sax Leather” I told my friend. I don’t think she quite believed me, noting the shop is more known for bondage gear, and politically-inspired shop displays.

As my friend and I waited for her Uber, I received a text from another friend who had just been to a college reunion. “Where are you?”, she asked, knowing I lived close-by. “About 100 metres away”, I replied, and as one of my good friends said goodbye, another said hello. What an awesome Thursday night.

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  1. I remember the jacarandas in Riley Street. They are great and there are quite a number in East Sydney when looking down from where we stay in College Street.

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