Making use of that old digital TV set-top box

Here’s a handy hint for making use of that old digital TV set-top box you might still have.

You can now listen to ABC stations like local ABC Radio, Triple J, Classic and RN etc via free-to-air TV.

Today I was chatting to a colleague who lives in the south of Sydney, and doesn’t enjoy great reception on either AM or DAB+.

He told me how he hooked his old digital TV set-top box to his home stereo.

Radio on TV without the actual TV!!!


Took me five minutes to set up. Sounds awesome.

Author: James O'Brien

AUSTRALIA : Born/Lived/Planned Retirement: Lismore; Lived: Brisbane, Bourke, Renmark, Wagga, Perth, Sydney; Work: Radio; Love: Travel, Genealogy, Sweden, Radio

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