We Have Trams in Surry Hills

“This would never happen in Melbourne”, I heard someone say, with disdain, to his friend. I then watched him look around the carriage with a general “sneer”.

“Clearly they were from Melbourne, and clearly they were tram nerds”, I thought to myself. What was the issue? There was a slight delay in the doors opening. FFS.

After waiting days, weeks, months, years, decades for the new tram in my neighbourhood, and having lived through night-time construction works, I was pretty bloody pleased that, at last, today, they’re picking up passengers. For me, a five second delay on the doors opening on Day 1 was, if anything, a relief. It could have been worse.

Though I didn’t really need to (I live close to the city), I caught the tram twice today: both times to and from Central Station.

As it’s a novelty, and as they’re free this weekend, the trams were packed.

A nice day in history.