Melodifestivalen 2021 Andra Chansen

The best thing about Andra Chasen this year was Shirley Clamp’s performance of “Min kärlek “. Despite her name, Shirley Clamp is a well-known Swedish pop singer. Her father was British, and I understand now lives in Australia. She’s had quite a few hit songs in Sweden, including this.

Shirley Clamp and drag queen
I’ve seen Shirley Clamp perform live at Paradise, a gay club (now closed in Stockholm) and she was fantastic.
The feet of Shirley Clamp
The feet of Shirley Clamp (I was that close!)
So yeah, a big fan, and it was great to see her perform live at Andra Chansen.

“Andra Chansen” is the second chance final of the heats that leads to Sweden choosing their entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest. In each of the four finals, two artists go directly to the final and two go to the second chance final. In some ways, it’s a rather odd thing to watch two quite different artists compete against each other. And of course, there’s the public humiliation of not winning but still smiling, that’s become a characteristic of all the talent shows these days.

I’ll be up early next Sunday to watch the final. I don’t have a favourite at this stage, but it will be good to see who Sweden chooses for Eurovison.

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