March Socials

Conscious that I sometimes share material on other platforms that never makes “the cut” here on my blog, I will start sharing a few bits and pieces here also. These are the tweets, posts, and observations that still seem relevant at the end of each month. Lots of ephemera, but hopefully still quite entertaining.

March 3 : So it’s been a tough year, but we’re still putting up your premiums, and taking away the benefits we gave you.
March 6 : What a terrific night.
March 8 : I know everyone’s talking about the English royal family, but how cool is the next Queen of Sweden, appearing at the GayGala in 2013, to the strains of Dancing Queen, announcing the Homo/Bi/Trans for the year.
March 10 : In 1994 members of the Wagga Gay and Lesbian community marched in Mardi Gras. Fearful of being identified, many wore masks of Michael McCormack, the local newspaper editor who had written homophobic editorials. Cleaning out some old files, a friend found an original mask.

March 14 : Checking Mark Macgowan’s page on Wikipedia, and interested to read he was born in Newcastle raised in Casino, going to primary school and high school. Checking in with my cousins to see if they went to school with him.

March 14 : Pleased this song has made it through as Sweden’s entry for Eurovision this year. Good song. Good performance.

March 14 : You know what really annoys me? (on a Sunday night) People who say, “Sorry, I never read emails” or “I never check voice mails” or “Oh no, I never answer calls I don’t know” etc etc. I could go on. How on earth do you do your job as a journalist?

March 16 : I work in the media, and for the most part LinkedIn offers me planning jobs in the media, but occasionally they get it wrong. eg: Transport for NSW.
March 17 : What’s with all the “comfortable underwear for men” ads on Fox Sports?Hardly an ad break without one. I get them on Facebook too. Maybe it’s just me?
March 21 : Whenever there’s flooding in Sydney, I get worried phone calls from my family. I have to remind them I live in Surry HILLS now, not South Lismore. As much as I’m a proud “Southie” my retirement plans don’t include living there.

March 21 : Talkback Radio Tip #1 : Callers: If you’re driving, pull over, and pick up the phone. Producers? Don’t put them to air unless they do. Sometimes there’s “context” but generally hands-free driving calls sound like shit, and people can’t understand what they’re saying.

March 24 : Two of my friends work in administrative areas of Transport for NSW, and are subject to random alcohol and drug tests. They’re not train drivers. They tell me they accept it’s in the best interests of everyone to have a zero approach to D&A.

March 27 : Dennis Atkins in The New Daily.

5 Replies to “March Socials”

  1. It’s nice that your friends at Transport for NSW are so accepting of their subjection to random drug tests. I seethe at that sort of thing. It’s a combination of mindless “one rule fits all” and a grinding authoritarianism. Cos you know, it you’ve got nothing to hide….

  2. Yes, everyone’s private health insurance is rising. I have very many negative thoughts about private health insurance.

    I don’t take calls from numbers I don’t know. I read or hear all the rest., but I bet SMH’s Kate answers all calls.

    Maybe it is just you who receives underwear ads. I don’t. The WWW has not even realised I am gay.

    Yes, after a couple of hundred years, Surry Hills drainage should be up to speed.

  3. Keyboard crash. Further, you are so right about talkback callers phone call quality. Don’t put them to air, but that might not be so easy for producers if they initially sound ok. Clerical people being alcohol and drug tested? Ridiculous and what a waste of taxpayer money.

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