“Is there much water in the Duck Pond yet?” was one of the questions mostly commonly asked in our house when a flood was imminent.

I was born in Kyogle Street, not far from The Duck Pond, and spent the remainder of my youth only a little further way.

Though it’s not actually connected to Leycester Creek (one of the waterways that flows through Lismore), the pond would always fill up as we prepared for a flood, and the water would eventually flow on to other parts of South Lismore.

These days, the pond is probably more appropriately called a “wetland”, and has a variety of people and organisations, including a Landcare group, concerned with its welfare. As a child, I remember playing there, and I’m pretty sure it was also a place where rubbish was often dumped.

On a quiet Sunday afternoon in Lismore, I thought it would be interesting and fun to go for a walk around the area.

It seems to me it’s still in “recovery mode” after the big flood of 2017, though noting there have been several “smaller floods” since.

It was lovely to walk around the area, though I did so with caution. Though it’s winter and they’re likely in hibernation, I kept a close eye out for snakes. Subsequently, I didn’t walk too closely to the water where the bird-life were.

The closest I’ll come to The Duck Pond this week is to grab a coffee at the nearby Duck Pond Espresso coffee shop.

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  1. It was terrible the way people used to dump rubbish when I was young, and we thought nothing of it all. Everyone did it.

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