Walking To Work

“There’s a thick fog around this morning”, Pat said as I came out of my room for breakfast. As I looked out the kitchen window, I became instantly aware of what she meant. Even more so, as I crossed the Wilson’s River over the Ballina Street Bridge.

The Wilson’s River covered in fog, as viewed from the Ballina Street Bridge.
A little further along, near the heritage park, I stopped to look at the fungi not far from the footpath.

As I made way to “town”, it was lovely to stop and take a closer look at a path I’ve travelled many, many times in my life, albeit with a different set of eyes. The eyes of a significantly older man who was no longer desperate to get away from his hometown, but someone who was increasingly feeling the pull to return.

As I made my way through town I stopped and had a coffee at Ristretto.

And from there, I caught the bus to the local office of the ABC in Lismore.

“I’ve caught the bus three times in the last week”, I told a colleague, “and every time I’ve been the only person on the bus”, I added. Perhaps because it’s quite early, or perhaps it’s because people are more inclined to be heading in the opposite direction? Either way, it’s lovely to have a “personalised service”.

Later in the afternoon I came home, and wandered along part of levee bank.

Levee bank in Lismore
Levee bank in Lismore
Art on the levee bank in Lismore

As I walked along, I realised I had never really had a good walk along the levee bank. I realised I have walked only parts. And with only a couple of weeks left before I returned home, I resolved to explore it a little more.

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  1. Wow those are some great pics. Thanks so much for taking me on a walk where you live! It’s great to have these experiences while stuck indoors.

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