Lismore Video Tour

Due to the COVID lockdown – or maybe my own laziness? – I haven’t exercised all that much over the last few days. Mosty days I’ll walk at least a few kilometres. I’ll head out, mostly in the afternoon, and take a walk around the city. But for most days, this week, my tracker tells me I’ve managed on average less than one kilometre most days. Mostly, that’s been a walk to and from the coffee shop in South Lismore, the Duck Pond Espresso.

Inspired today by the tweet of a colleague who lives in Melbourne, recording that he had been out for a run of close to ten kilometres, I headed out this afternoon to walk off some of those creamy apple turnovers I’ve been enjoying from the local bakery.

As I walked around, I noticed there were people in cars, though nowhere near as many as you might see on the road around Lismore, even on a Sunday.

A family member who was out and about tells me there was only a handful of cars in the Woolworths carpark, but that the Bunnings carpark was close to full. Yeah, like a trip to Bunnings is essentail, but the supermarket isn’t?

On foot, I passed two or three people running (and panting heavily, so I secured my mask that little bit tigher), and there were probably less than a dozen people I passed in total.

Along the way, I thought it might be fun to stop from time to time to record some short videos of places of interest, and here they are.

The disused Lismore Railway Station will soon be re-developed.

The next life for the Railway Station involves a food van, and possibly a restaurant.
Though I grew up nearby, I have never visited the Paul Jones Lane before, so I took a look. The car that goes past was coming out of the Station Hotel Drive-Through.
Houses at the bottom of Union Street, South Lismore, near the Railway Viaduct play an important part in our family history story.
The historic Winsome Hotel was once a working class pub, then a gay bar, and currently a soup kitchen.
I spent many, many hours of my youth at the Lismore Memorial Baths.

It’s quite good fun recording these little videos, so I’ll probably record some more.

It’s not exactly “Getaway”, but maybe you’ll still enjoy these videos as a very low-fi insight into my hometown?

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