Saturday morning at North Lismore

The population of Lismore is around 45,000 and has been so for a number of years. To the best of my knowledge, that 45,000 also includes nearby villages and towns such as Nimbin.

And so, in some ways, it’s both a big country town and a small regional centre. Even within Lismore, there are elements of both.

You don’t have to go far to find yourself in a part of town that has a village-like atmosphere: North Lismore.

North Lismore is both geographically and socio-economically speaking at the bottom rung. It’s the area of town that’s most likely to flood. It’s also the area of town where you’re most likely to find people on very low incomes.

However, there are many things to love about North Lismore, including the large amouts of open paddock, the big backyards of the houses, and the fact you have a large regional centre (with all of the options that means for health, shopping and services) just a few minutes walk or drive away.

When both sets of grandparents moved to Lismore (1930s) they spent a fair amount of time living in North Lismore, before moving to South Lismore. And as a child, I would spend a lot of time in North Lismore. It’s where I made my First Holy Communion (at the Catholic Church which is no longer there), it’s where I went to school (Richmond River High School), and where I would regularly go to the Lismore Show and the Lismore Speedway.

These days, the Lismore Showground also plays host to the Lismore Farmer’s Market, as well as the annual Tropical Fruits LGBTQIA+ New Year’s Party. The saleyards are also closeby.

A warning, the video takes you on a brief visit to the saleyards, so if you don’t wish to see animals in that environment, there is enough warning so you can switch off.

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  1. King kong Avatar

    thanks for sharing…

  2. Janet Avatar

    Enjoyed your video clip of North Lismore. Thanks for sharing.

  3. James O'Brien Avatar

    Thankyou both for your kind words.

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