Visiting Nimbin

One minute you’re embarking on life’s great adventure, having graduated from high school. You’ve made a small group of friends, and you find yourself going in different directions. Sometimes this involves relocation for work. Other times, there’s a more fundamental shift in your lives. But even so, forty years later you’re still in touch (and I think that’s a wonderful thing).

Today, I caught up with a couple of friends who fit into that category (and one partner). Sue and I travelled to Nimbin to visit Paul and Kerry who are dairy farmers, goat farmers, and cheesemakers.

Over a wonderful homemade lunch we talked about a lot of stuff. Sue and Paul cooked. My job was to document our gathering with photographs! :)

Nimbingj – Nimbin Rocks
Even though Paul and Kerry take all the credit, these are the real hard workers of Nimbin Valley Dairy.
Paul and Sue

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