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  • The road to Nimbin

    The road to Nimbin

    “They’ve been spending a lot of time and money on the Nimbin Road”, a family member, Karran told me a few months ago. Her former partner (and father of her children) is a council worker, and that’s how she knew. “It’s a shame they aren’t spending more time fixing up the potholes around town”, she added.… Read the rest “The road to Nimbin”

  • North Coast Sounds

    North Coast Sounds

    I woke up this morning to the sound of a rooster crowing. I could also hear cattle and birds. So peaceful. And then I heard the sound of milking machines. Less peaceful. But hey, I was on a friend’s dairy and goat farm outside Nimbin. They produce milk and cheese from both animals, and the sound of milking machines is, I guess the price you pay.… Read the rest “North Coast Sounds”

  • Visiting Nimbin

    Visiting Nimbin

    One minute you’re embarking on life’s great adventure, having graduated from high school. You’ve made a small group of friends, and you find yourself going in different directions. Sometimes this involves relocation for work. Other times, there’s a more fundamental shift in your lives. But even so, forty years later you’re still in touch (and I think that’s a wonderful thing).… Read the rest “Visiting Nimbin”

  • Lazy Sunday

    Lazy Sunday

    After a couple of weeks of daily activity, I’m taking it easy this Sunday. Though I need to go into work later this afternoon/evening to catch up on a few things, I woke late this morning (about 8am). Instead of watching “Insiders” on ABC TV, I stayed in bed and listened to it on “ABC NewsRadio”.… Read the rest “Lazy Sunday”

  • Blessed Are The Cheesemakers

    Blessed Are The Cheesemakers

    It was a beautiful day in Sydney, and so absolutely awesome to hang out with two of my oldest friends (forty years), Sue and Paul, as Paul and (newer friend, fifteen years) Kerry sold their cheese at the Kurrajong Kitchen Cheese Lovers Festival 2018 at Centennial Park.

    Paul and Kerry run Nimbin Valley Dairy http://www.nimbinvalley.com.auRead the rest “Blessed Are The Cheesemakers”

  • Visiting Nimbin

    Visiting Nimbin

    Almost everyone who has ever visited Nimbin as a tourist will regale you with a story of how they were walking down the main street of Nimbin and were approached, and were asked if they wanted to buy some marijuana. It’s almost a badge of honour for some. But looking back on my forty-something years of visiting Nimbin, I can honestly say it’s never happened to me.… Read the rest “Visiting Nimbin”

  • Boxing Day at Nimbin

    Boxing Day at Nimbin

    “It’s a lot more hippie than I remember”, my friend Sue said as we made our way along the main street of Nimbin. “There’s a lot less drugs on offer”, I thought to myself. Sue had actually grown up in Nimbin to a family who had lived there for a couple of generations, whereas I’d only visited on a few occasions.… Read the rest “Boxing Day at Nimbin”

  • Night in Nimbin

    Night in Nimbin

    I reckon it’s two or three years since I last visited Nimbin, not far from my home town of Lismore in Northern NSW. It goes without saying Nimbin has a “reputation” which goes back to the Aquarius Festival in 1973. I remember vividly when “the hippies” arrived in town, as we lived not far from the now-closed Lismore Railway Station.… Read the rest “Night in Nimbin”