Night in Nimbin

I reckon it’s two or three years since I last visited Nimbin, not far from my home town of Lismore in Northern NSW. It goes without saying Nimbin has a “reputation” which goes back to the Aquarius Festival in 1973. I remember vividly when “the hippies” arrived in town, as we lived not far from the now-closed Lismore Railway Station.

Since then I’ve visited Nimbin on many occasions, as friends have lived there on and off over the years. The last time I was there was to visit an old school-mate and his partner. And so it was once again tonight. In all, four of us who went to school together, along with Paul’s parter.

Normally, Lismore is the most central point for a pre-Christmas catchup, as most of now live far and wide around the district. But this year, the tradition changed.

The drive to Nimbin was a rather stormy one, with late afternoon mist and rain. As we drove around my friend, Sue, who lived in Nimbin for many years with her parents peered from left to right, as we looked at what was happening around the town. There was little change from her youth, except there are now many more people living in the hills around town.

“There’s a woman up the road who lives half the year in France and half the year here”, we were told over dinner tonight.

It was a night of great company, great food, farm life, rolling hills, chickens, goats cheese, and goat’s milk ice-cream. Very pleasant, indeed.

Chatting with the chooks
Chatting with the chooks
The goats
The goats
Ice-cream made with goat's milk
Ice-cream made with goat’s milk
Christmas lights in the middle of nowhere on the road back in to Lismore
Christmas lights in the middle of nowhere on the road back in to Lismore

And on the way home, we spotted a house lit up like a Christmas Tree on darkened road half way between Nimbin and Lismore. Of course, we had to stop for a photo :)

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  1. Victor Avatar

    Merry Christmas, James

    1. James O'Brien Avatar

      Happy Christmas to you also, Victor!

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